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Osteopathy is an established system of clinical diagnosis and physical treatment which focuses its attention upon the individual and their problem in a caring and understanding manner.

The osteopathic approach is hands on and adapts to the patient and their specific needs. The understanding of how the structure of the body inter-relates to its function allows the osteopath to decide upon the appropriate treatment approach and thus improve the neuro-musculo-skeletal system. The emphasis is placed on physical treatment and self help advice for the patient to follow.

The Osteopath you see will be able to assess the injured parts of your body and aims to treat by using a variety of different techniques which vary from the gentle to firm and are tailored to the individual’s needs. The aim of treatment is to remove the imbalances which are affecting the individual causing musculoskeletal dysfunction and pain.

Many conditions occur through injury, poor posture, repetitive strain and age. Osteopaths know that better spinal mobility and good physical movement can improve the blood and nerve supply to all parts of the body thus increasing the vitality and overall health. With balance and coordination the body will function efficiently and with the least amount of wear and tear.

Under the osteopaths act 1993 only practitioners who are registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) can call themselves an Osteopath. All the osteopaths at the practice have completed a 4 year full time Bsc degree in Osteopathy.